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14 Valentine’s Day Dates for Under $100

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! One thing I hate about Valentine’s Day is that it is too close to the holiday season.  With all the money spent at Christmastime, it doesn’t leave much money for a lavish Valentine’s Day excursion. These Valentine’s Day dates will help you have fun and save money.

My husband and I are always trying to save money so we very rarely go on any expensive dates.  After work, school and children, it’s nice to just spend some time together, even if it’s just watching a movie at home or making dinner together. 

Valentine's Day dates under $100

Below is a list of 14 dates that we have actually done, all under $100.00.  We had a great time during all of them and these are a great way to spend some quality Valentine’s Day time together without breaking the bank. 

These Valentine’s Day dates will give you the opportunity to really have fun.  They are not the typical Valentine’s Day date and will leave you relaxed and connected through laughing!

A red and white striped container filled with fluffy, yellow, buttery popcorn.

Popcorn and a movie at home for Valentine’s Day!

My favorite cheap date, and probably what we’ll do on Valentine’s Day, is getting popcorn from the theater and watching a movie at home after the kids go to bed.  The cost is around $20, depending on if you have to rent a movie.

A paintbrush touches a wooden painter's palette , with white, yellow, red and orange paint on it.

Paint and sips!

There are plenty of organizations that will host paint and sips, especially for Valentine’s day.  We went to one for a cheap date this past summer and it was $35 each, and that included the painting supplies and two drinks each.  It was definitely a fun time! Check Facebook for local events, that’s where I found the one we attended. 

A cabin sits next to a serene, clear lake at daybreak, set against a background of high, gray, mountains and a lush forest mountain side.


If you’re looking to get away for the night (or more) and are looking to save some money, check out Airbnb.  There are rentals in every price range in just about every part of the world.  You will definitely be able to find something under $100 a night using Airbnb.

A woman sits at a desk with an open laptop and a can of soda searching for Valentine's day deals online.


Groupon often has plenty of getaways, things to do and restaurant savings.  We’ve used this multiple times, from places to stay to activities and eating out.  You’ll definetly save money and could possibly be able to do something you normally couldn’t afford. There are plenty of things to do on Groupon for under $100.00. Check out Groupon here (not an ad).

A man and a women couple cooking together for Valentine's day in a kitchen.

Cooking Class!

Everyone needs to know how to cook, right? We took a cooking class at the local community college.  It was $35 each and it lasted about two hours.  After class we got to sit down, alone, and eat what we made! It was a blast, and now my husband can cook (kinda). You can even cook a meal together at home for much less! Click here for the perfect recipe.

A woman lays on a massage table while a man massages her back in a spa setting for Valentine's day.

Small Spa Retreat!

If you’re looking to do something relaxing, head to your closest spa for a mini spa day.  We chose to get pedicures and a mini facial, for just around $100.  We also have a beauty school in town which offers discounted services since the students are learning.  It’s worth looking into!

A man and a woman's hands holding video game remote controls as the sit facing the television.

Video Games!

I don’t know about you, but I love Mario Kart! Head to your local video rental store and rent a game that is competitive and fun for both of you.  The challenge will be fun and you can bring out your inner kid again!  Make bets and it will be even more fun. Check out your local library too – you might be able to find a game there to rent for free!

A close up of a microphone against blurred stage lighting.

Happy Hour and karaoke!

Head to your favorite happy hour establishment and eat a yummy dinner and stay for karaoke.  Bar food usually never disappoints and who can resist a drink special? Even if you just watch others sing, the night will be one that you’ll remember.

Place setting at a table including white linens, white plates, shiny silverware and a candle for ambiance.

Supper Clubs!

Most supper clubs have nightly specials, especially around Valentine’s day.  Supper clubs are a dying breed, and are usually very intimate and romantic.  Call ahead or visit the website to find out what’s on the specials list and to keep it under $100.  Don’t forget to include the tip in that amount! This is great for Valentine’s Day dates or dates any time of the year. 

Three people sitting on the ski lift heading up the mountain.

Get outdoors!

Here in Wisconsin, it’s cold and snowy.  Sledding, skiing and ice skating are always a good time.  It’s a way to let loose and have fun again! If it’s not cold or snowy where you live, take a hike or a walk along the beach.  Just the time spent together is what’s important, and you’ll get some exercise too!

Barrels of wine line the walls of a storage area of a winery.

Brewery/Winery Tour!

We purchased tickets for a local brewery tour on Groupon.  The tour was interesting and it came with free beer! Yes! We spent a total of $40 and had a blast.  Even without the Groupon, the tickets would have still been under $100, so check out what your local winery or brewery has to offer!

Stage lights shine on the stage with the curtain drawn with an audience anticipating the show.

Comedy Club!

We have a comedy club around here that we attend.  Tickets are cheap ($10-$15 depending on the day) and it’s always a good time.  Stop at a local restaurant and have a nice dinner before and you’ll have yourself a great time! This is one of my favorite Valentine’s Day dates.

Red roller skates with yellow laces sit on a wooden deck.

Roller skating!

Remember getting all dressed up for the roller skating rink when you were younger? Remember how fun it was? Who says only pre-teens can roller skate? They play the newest music and it’s a good place to let loose and have some FUN! The cost is minimal, around $10, depending on where you are, and they have nachos! Yes, nachos!

Board game of scrabble with the word learn spelled out.

Game Night!

Do you have a couple of friends who are on a budget too? Maybe they don’t have Valentine’s Day dates? Invite them over after the kids go to bed and have an adult game night! This is little to no cost to you.  There are plenty of games you can play with two people as well.  


No sitter for Valentine’s Day? No problem! Valentine’s Day dates can still happen!

Meet for lunch – meet during your lunch break to have a quick, mini date.

Dinner and a movie at home – feed the kids a quick dinner and get them all ready for bed.  Set them up with a good movie and plenty of snacks while you and your partner prepare a special dinner in the kitchen together. 

Enjoy your dinner together and afterwards, hopefully the kids will be ready for bed.  Then the time is all yours to spend however you’d like!

No matter what you decide, remember that the main focus is spending quality time together.  Enjoy each other’s company, have some laughs, take some time to connect.  You will be happy you did! Happy Valentine’s Day!



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