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53 Easy 0 Point Weight Watchers™ Snacks (2022)

Snacks! 0 Point Weight Watchers™ snacks!

The things that keep us going on our weight loss journey.

Our little friends.

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Popcorn overflowing from a bowl with text overlay that says 53 of the best zero point snacks, number 7 is my favorite.

I am a snack lover.

Are you looking for some zero point Weight Watchers snacks?

You’ve come to the right place to help you reach your weight loss goals!

I’ve scoured tons of Weight Watchers recipes and have hand-picked the best low point snacks for you.

I’ve never been a three-meals-a-day girl.

Unless I’m eating pretty hearty meals, I always find myself wanting a snack around 10 AM or 2 PM.

Then there’s those nights when you’re just sitting down from a long day, watching your favorite show, and bam. Snack attack!

I used to (and may still) slowly walk the aisles at the grocery store looking for the newest low point Weight Watchers snacks but I always come back to a few of my favorites, which I’ll share with you in a moment.

One of the tricks I have learned while following the Weight Watchers Program is to always make my snack foods as low in points as possible.

When I first started, I’d have two snacks a day, and the point values would sometimes total up to 12 points!

That is 12 points that I could have put toward a meal or saved for later!

The good news is, we can still snack without having our daily points take a huge hit.

We can still have those higher in points snacks, but then you may have to dip into your weeklies, which is something you probably want to save for a special meal or possibly some cocktails, right?

I remember many times counting those few drinks I’d have with friends in my Freestyle SmartPoints, and I didn’t mind until my points got low, and I was starving.

I’m here today to share with you my favorite healthy snacks that won’t break the points bank.

Full disclosure: with the new WW Personal Points™ program going into effect, for some of you, some of these snacks may not be zero points. Since this new plan is more personalized, please make sure you are entering all ingredients into your W.W. app to make sure they are, indeed, zero smart points for you. If you are following purple plan, blue plan, or green plan, I still recommend putting the ingredients into the app to make sure they are zero points as well.

You can easily make your own zero point healthier snacks using the zero point food list you are allowed on your plan.

As you will see, most of these snacks come from a base of zero point foods. Afterall, that is what makes the snack zero points, right? What a blessing zero point foods are!

I’ve gathered some of the best snacks and created a lengthy list of Weight Watchers zero point snacks, just for you!

Whether you’re craving salty snacks, an easy snack, sweet treats, a filling snack or more, I’ve done my best to include anything you could be craving.

I’ve grouped them into categories so you can easily scroll through since there are so many to choose from. Using these snacks to curb your cravings or to settle down that sweet tooth is the perfect way to help you get to your goal weight and stay there.

Remember: Since the change of programs to WW Personal Points™, if you find a snack you want to try, input it into the WW recipes app so you can make sure it is zero points for your plan. If it’s not, try and get creative to see what you can change to keep it zero points. Even if it ends up not being zero points, it will likely still be low in points.

Before my new personalized plan, I came up with zero point snacks just by using my zero point foods list. 

My favorite zero points snacks:

1. Hashbrown potatoes – I would take a small potato, shred it with the grater and place it in a pan with some non-stick cooking spray. I’d cook it up for a few minutes until golden brown and it really hit the spot. When I was following the purple plan, this was the best thing ever when I was craving fries or tater tots.

2. Chicken was free for me as well, so I’d get creative and make a lot of chicken snacks. This lean protein always helped keep me full. I’d season some chicken tenders and bake them on Sundays to meal prep for the week. I’d often times throw together a salad and add some of that baked chicken on top of it with some lemon juice as a dressing and eat that for a larger zero point snack. This was filling and satisfied that crunch and flavor I wanted. I didn’t even miss the olive oil in the dressing.

3. Another favorite of mine was chicken roll ups. I would take a slice of roasted chicken breast lunch meat (no sugar added) and place some zero point hummus, shredded carrots, and a tiny bit of purple onions in the center and roll it up. This was so good and filling as well. 

4. Boiled eggs were a really good snack for me then as well. Now, on my new personalized plan, these are not zero points for me, but back when they were it really helped. So, if eggs are zero points for you, I recommend hard boiling some eggs. I’d top mine with some salt and pepper, a dash of hot sauce, and sometimes a pickled jalapeño for an extra kick. 

5. One of my very most favorites are pickle wraps. Fat free cream cheese is 0 points for 1 tablespoon for me, and I like to take that tablespoon and spread it over two separate slices of zero point lunch meat (I use thin sliced chicken breast or turkey) and roll a pickle up into each of them. YUM!

A bowl of fruit with the overlay of words reading 53 zero point snacks for Weight Watchers

6. Do you remember the cabbage soup diet craze? I often times make this soup just to have on hand because it’s zero points, and I eat a nice warm bowl of that when I’m starving but it’s not dinner time yet. You can find the recipe for that below. 

7. Fruit is zero points, so I like to get the canned fruit in 100% water or juice, dice it up, add some fresh fruit in there, sprinkle on some zero point sweetener and a big squeeze of lime juice. Watermelon topped with a nice squeeze of lime juice is one of my favorites and you don’t even need the sweetener. I love this because different fruits offer different flavors so you can switch it up from time to time. Depending on your plan, you may even be able to sprinkle some sugar free pudding mix on top of the fruit, which is delicious too. Or, if fat-free Greek yogurt is on your 0 point list, then you can toss some fruit with it for a sweet treat.

8. POPCORN! I swear this has had a huge part in my weight loss. I always keep white popcorn kernals in my cupboard and I love to make them in the air popper. Zero points and filling! If you want some butter taste to it, I use this spray. For 5 sprays it’s zero points,

9. Sugar free Jell-O™ saved me from raiding the chocolate stash in my house when I wanted something sweet. I love that you can buy it already made or quickly make up some of your own at home. Game changer. 

10. Frozen grapes. In the summer one of my favorite zero point snacks was frozen grapes. I’d wash up some grapes and put them in the freezer for a few hours. It was a cool and guilt free treat on a hot day. 

Sweet Snacks

11. Jell-O™ Grapes – These are a great alternative to candy! Visit Pointed Kitchen for the recipe by clicking HERE

12. Cheesecake? YES! Blend up some fresh or frozen blueberries or strawberries with a touch of zero point sweetener for a topping. Visit Our Wabi Sabi Life for the recipe HERE.

13. Craving chocolate? I used to crave chocolate chip cookies all the time. This chocolate Greek yogurt snack will cut those cravings! Visit Simple Nourished Living for the recipe HERE.

14. Orange creamsicle treat. Need I say more? Visit Keeping On Point for the recipe HERE.

15. No bake brownies without added sugar. Enough said. Visit The Staten Island Family for the recipe HERE.

16. If you’re craving some apple pie, check out these cinnamon apples from Lose It Lyss HERE

17. I remember this light and airy fluff recipe curbing my cravings more than once. Visit Pointed Kitchen for the recipe HERE

18. This easy tropical fruit frozen yogurt recipe is sure to please on a hot day (or any day)! Visit Mama Cheaps for the recipe HERE. She says to leave out the honey to make it zero points. 

19. Cookies? Did someone say cookies? Check out these Sugar-Free Lemon Meringue Cookies from Wholesome Yum HERE.

20. Strawberry sorbet anyone? Heck yes! Check out Recipe Diaries for the recipe HERE

21. Banana anything is one of my favorite desserts! This banana soufflé looks amazing! Visit The Holy Mess for the recipe HERE.  

22. I mentioned frozen grapes above, but if you want a little sour with your sweet, check out these Sour Patch Grapes from Mess For Less HERE

23. This Dole Whip recipe from Magically Fit looks delicious for a cool treat this summer! Check out the recipe HERE

24. Watermelon and strawberry popsicles? Yes. Sign me up. Have a cool treat without worrying about the number of points you’ll burn. Visit Tatertots and Jello for the recipe HERE

25. If you’re looking for a larger volume snack, you could enjoy this berry smoothie from Mama Cheaps. Check out the recipe HERE

26. Another refreshing treat to savor is this strawberry banana slushy from Recipe Solution. You can get creative with your favorite fruit here too. Get the recipe HERE

27. If you have an air fryer, you know how magical they are. Check out these air fried apple slices from Recipes From a Pantry HERE

28. We go through a ton of blueberries in my house. Here’s a good snack you’ll be sure to enjoy. Check out these Frozen Yogurt Blueberry Bites from The Inspiration Edit HERE

29. If eggs are a zero point food for you, these banana pancakes are sure to hit the spot. Check out Anastasia Blogger for the recipe HERE

30. Something Swanky has shared these fabulous mini cheesecakes with us! For the recipe, click HERE

A spread of healthy foods with the overlay of text saying 53 zero point snacks for WW

31. These strawberry fruit snacks are a hit for everyone in the house! Make sure you use zero point sweetener if you’d like to keep them 0 points. Check out the recipe from Dashing Dish HERE

Soup Snacks

32. Check out this cabbage soup recipe from Slap Dash Mom. Zero points and very filling and your taste buds will love it! Click HERE for the recipe. 

33. Anything in the crock pot is a win for a time saver, but a zero point soup as well? Double win! Check out this 0 point chili from Mess for Less HERE

34. I also love my instant pot as well, and here’s a great bean soup recipe that is sure to fill you up while tasting good from The Holy Mess. Click HERE for the recipe. 

35. White chicken chili is sure to warm you up and fill you up too! If you have a couple extra points available, topping it with sour cream is pretty tasty. Check out this easy recipe from Slender Kitchen HERE

36. Craving some Southwest flavors without all the points? This soup is great for a quick snack and is delicious. Check out Slender Kitchen’s taco soup HERE

37. Vegetable soup is one of my favorite types of soups and has been since I was a child. Check out It All Started With Paint’s vegetable soup recipe HERE

38. Chili is so filling, delicious, and versatile. I always pack mine with beans like kidney beans or black beans for extra fiber. Check out this healthy turkey chili recipe from The Food Hussy HERE

39. This Mexican Zero Point Soup is sure to please. Check out A Veggie Venture for the recipe HERE

Dips/Spreads for Snacks – pair these with fresh vegetables for a great snack!

40. Hummus is so delicious! Pair this with some crisp, cold bell pepper for a special crunch. Check out this hummus recipe from Dee Dee Does HERE

41. Ranch is life. We can still have it, and this one tastes good too! Check out how Mama Cheaps does it HERE

42. Here’s a good mix of ranch and hummus from Emily Bites. Pair this with some air fried zucchini chips for a crunch. Check out the recipe HERE

43. If you’re craving junk food, this one could help. One of the best parts of visiting a Mexican restaurant is the salsa they make from scratch. Visit Stylish Cravings for a restaurant style salsa HERE

Other Snacks (Remember tortilla chips will add extra points)

44. If eggs are free on your plan, Meal Planning Mommies has shown us how to easily make a perfect hard boiled egg in the air fryer! Check out the post HERE.

45. Shrimp cocktail is a loved appetizer. Check out this great recipe from Recipe Diaries HERE

46. Deviled eggs are a party staple in our family. Here’s another great recipe from The Pound Dropper. Get the recipe HERE

47. Here’s another egg recipe that will make a great snack! Check out the Staten Island Family’s egg salad recipe HERE

A bowl of fruit and avocado with a text overlay that says 53 Weight Watchers zero point snacks

48. Cilantro lime dressing from Keeping On Point is a great way to add some flavor to a zero point salad. Get the recipe HERE

49. If you like a little heat and chicken is a free food for you, these Buffalo Chicken Celery Bites from Slender Kitchen hit the spot. Get the recipe HERE

50. Cauliflower has come a long way, and these cauliflower poppers from It All Started With Paint should hit the spot. Click HERE for the recipe. 

51. If chicken is a zero point food for you, check out these burrito bowls from The Pound Dropper. Yum! Get the recipe HERE

52. These egg muffins will make a healthy, delicious breakfast or snack for when you’re in a hurry. Check out You Brew My Tea’s post HERE

53. The Pointed Kitchen doesn’t disappoint with these zero point fajitas! This could easily be a healthy meal, too! Check out the recipe HERE

There’s 53 of the best 0 Point Weight Watchers™ snacks I could find. The great thing is snack time doesn’t have to be stressful. If you know of any great 0 Point Weight Watchers™ snacks I should add to this list, please reach out or comment below. Sharing is caring and we should all support each other on our journey. It can be hard to follow a healthy diet plan so every tip and trick we can help each other with is greatly appreciated.

If you’re looking for a super low point delicious meal, check out my chicken salad recipe here!

Happy snacking!



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