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Low Calorie Slow Cooker Beef Stew

One of my favorite soup like substances is stew. 

I love that it’s a meal in itself, is easy to make and there’s always leftovers!

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This low calorie slow cooker beef stew is so tasty and is stick-to-your-ribs delicious!

I’m a big lover of beef. 

I really believe beef is the reason why I could never make it as a vegetarian. 

That, and…bacon.

I don’t remember ever having homemade beef stew. 

My family always bought this stew when I was a child, and I still buy it once and awhile when I need a little comfort food, or an easy meal.


Weight Watchers Slow Cooker Beef Stew

This stew is so yummy, it’s wayyyyyyy better than the canned stew I have bought in the past.

I made this last week when it was so cold and I needed a warm up. 

The whole family loved it and it was so easy to make!

This low calorie slow cooker beef stew is definitely going in the books as one of my favorite Weight Watchers™ friendly recipes. 

I particularly love it because the prep is minimal, the ingredients are strikingly delicious together and it doesn’t taste like it’s missing any fat or calories.

There are no potatoes in this stew. 

I thought I would miss them, but surprisingly, I didn’t. 

I’m a lover of mushrooms, so I was excited to see a different ingredient for this stew…mushrooms!

I used baby bella mushrooms, which I feel have a meatier flavor than typical white button mushrooms. 

You could even use the giant Portobello mushrooms if you’d like.

I usually just buy whatever is on sale.

I have to admit. 

I didn’t have tapioca in the cupboard and was a little confused by it because I had never cooked anything with it before. 

I easily found it at the store, though (I used this and liked this kind here).

You will need to get out the blender for this recipe, and it makes working with the tapioca such a breeze!

One of my favorite things…not having to cut meat!

Raw meat freaks me out. 

Beef not so much if it’s not too bloody, but raw chicken…YUCK. 

The best thing about this recipe is that you can buy stew meat at the store already cut up!

I found the stew meat at the store in the same area as the steaks. 

You can also ask your butcher to get you some stew meat if you find a cut of meat in the deli that you think looks irresistible. 

The meat guys where I shop are super helpful.

I made this stew on a Saturday and started it about 1 PM, and by dinner time we had a crock pot full of lovely beef stew. 

My husband and kids like to eat this over the top of egg noodles.

I do not eat it with egg noodles because it adds extra points but I did have a bite of my son’s to make sure it was cool enough and it was super yummy. 

If you choose to eat it with noodles or rice, be sure to count the points!

As for the ingredients in this stew, I like them chunky. 

You can cut the carrots, celery, mushrooms or onions however you’d like.

I also like to top my stew with a touch of chopped flat leaf Italian parsley, but you totally don’t have to.

I love carrots and celery, so I added a bit more than the recipe calls for. 

One time my friend told me that when you eat celery you actually burn more calories eating it because it’s a very low calorie food. 

Cheers to that! (I don’t know if it’s true, but let’s pretend!)

Extra veggies can’t hurt!

Add extra mushrooms or onions if you want more flavor.

I added a bay leaf while it was cooking, but you don’t have to add that either.

You guys will not be disappointed with this low calorie slow cooker beef stew. 

I promise!!

Weight Watchers slow cooker beef stew


2 pounds beef, eye round, stew meat
2 (8 ounce) packages of mushrooms (I like Portobello)
4 cups chopped onion
3 cups chopped celery
2 1/2 cups chopped carrot
3 (11.5 oz) cans of this ingredient 
1/4 tsp salt (to taste, could add more or less)
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon garlic powder
2 tablespoons uncooked granulated tapioca (I used this and liked this kind here)
1 bay leaf (optional) – remove before eating
Chopped flat leaf Italian parsley for garnish (optional)


  1. Blend tomato juice, salt, sugar, garlic powder, and tapioca in a blender until smooth. This here is the blender I used and it worked wonders!
  2. Mix onion, carrot, celery, mushrooms and stew meat with blender mixture and stir well. Add bay leaf if desired. 
  3. Cover and cook on high for 5 hours or until beef is cooked through. 
  4. Remove bay leaf before eating if you add it to ingredients. 
  5. Serve by 1 & 3/4 cup, sprinkle with parsley if desired. 

Point Value of Recipe:

Serving Size = 1 & 3/4 cup stew


***For the most accurate point count, go to the recipe builder in your W.W. app and enter this recipe. The Personal Points™ program is individualized, so the points could vary for you.***





I hope you enjoy this low calorie slow cooker beef stew!

I know I did. 

Let me know how you like it! 

Leave a comment below or send me a message through my contact link here




Wednesday 13th of January 2021

Can you use something other than the granulated tapioca? I'm assuming it's being used in this recipe to thicken the stew. I can't find it at my local walmart so was hoping to find a substitution.


Monday 1st of February 2021

Yes, you could try cornstarch or flour. I believe it could mess with the points value though.


Thursday 10th of January 2019

With WW freestyle points it went to 5 s.p. I put it through the recipe builder. My husband and I really liked this recipe.


Thursday 10th of January 2019

Hi Connie! I’m glad you guys like it! I just re-entered into the recipe builder and it is still coming out at 4 points for me. Make sure you are entering and using the correct type of beef. Thanks for stopping by! Carissa


Monday 26th of November 2018

I am diabetic. Can you show carb count, please.


Wednesday 12th of September 2018

Is this 4 points per 1 and 3/4 cup serving in Freestyle points?


Monday 17th of September 2018

Yes, it is 4 Smartpoints for 1 and 3/4 cup of stew. I hope you enjoy it! Carissa


Tuesday 26th of June 2018

Will tapioca flour work the same?